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About us

Kimnori USA, Inc. is a seaweed manufacturing company located in Cerritos, California. We have been in partnership with KwangCheon Kim Co., #1 seaweed manufacturing company in Korea, from the beginning. We are currently expanding our location to the East Coast to distribute the freshly-made products to your table!

Our production goal is to positively affect your luxurious and healthy life with our snacks and seaweed products, providing various customers with satisfaction.

No.1 holding ratio of dried seaweed laver in Korea

Approximately 10 million bundles of lavers are selected directly from the seaweed farm per year to produce the best seaweed products.

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Using the freshest raw material

We use the raw materials produced between December and February, and keep the environment - degree and humidity perfect for fresh production.

We have the full-infra system of making seaweed, the whole process from farming seaweed to delivering the product to the customer.


Most Advanced Facility in USA

We can proudly tell you that we have the most advanced seaweed assembly lines in United States.

Our factory is based in California, and we are expanding to east coast as well, so that our customers can taste the freshest seaweed right on the spot!


Mission statement

We have achieved this success through the hard work of our employees with  superior knowledge and experience in this industry. Our growth and success can also be attributed to the continued support and cooperation of our customers and suppliers.

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