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  • Where is Kimnori's seaweed harvested and grown from?
    Our seaweed is harvested from South Korea's clean ocean water between December to February, kept at -13°F and humidity below 50% for the freshest production. *For more frequently asked questions, please visit
  • How many seaweed sheets are inside package?
    Our packages typically contain around 8-10 sheets of seaweed, with the exact number varying slightly based on the weight of the package, which is approximately 0.14oz (4g). *For more frequently asked questions, please visit
  • How much iodine is in your seaweed snacks?
    Our seaweed snacks have about 50 micro grams of iodine per serving, which is about 30% of daily value. *For more frequently asked questions, please visit
  • Why is there Prop 65 warning on your package?
    The lead content in our seaweed snacks is extremely low, almost close to zero. However, as our product is manufactured and distributed from California, we are required to include a Prop65 warning, even though our lead levels are below the standard. The seaweed itself, harvested from the ocean, may naturally contain trace amounts of certain chemicals. There are no artificial harmful materials contained during production.
  • Is private label option available?
    Yes, we do offer private label option for seaweed products. Please contact our sales team below for the private label option! *For more frequently asked questions, please visit
  • How many packs of seaweed snacks can be consumed in a day?
    We advise following the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for iodine. For adults, the RDA is 150 micrograms/day. Pregnant women are recommended to have 220 to 250 micrograms/day, while breastfeeding women should aim for 250 to 290 micrograms/day. As such, we recommend consuming a maximum of three packs of seaweed snacks per day.
  • Do you have control in cross-contamination? Is it ok to consume your products if you have allergies?
    At Kimnori USA, we prioritize maintaining high standards of cleanliness and sanitation throughout our seaweed manufacturing process. While we have measures in place to prevent cross-contamination with allergenic products, it's important to note that our seaweed snacks are prepared using equipment shared with soy or sesame-containing goods. If you have a severe sensitivity to allergens, we advise refraining from consuming our products, even with our allergen control measures in place. Your safety and well-being are our utmost concern. *For more frequently asked questions, please visit
  • Is the BBQ flavor of your seaweed snack suitable for vegans? Does it contain any meat extract as part of the flavoring?
    Our Kimnori organic roasted seaweed snacks use organic seasoning blends made from USA. There is no meat extract included in our seasoning, making it a great choice for vegan consumers!
  • Do you have to refrigerate package when opened?
    For the seaweed products, you do not have to refrigerate when opened. However, we recommend you to keep it away from the direct sunlight. Also, if you leave it open too long, the texture will get soggy. We suggest eating a package when it is opened for the best consuming experience.
  • Are Kimnori seaweed snacks Kosher certified?
    Yes. Our Kimnori organic roasted seaweed snacks - Sea Salt, Korean BBQ, Sweet & Spicy are Kosher certified snacks. Our organic sushi nori seaweed sheets (25g per package) are also Kosher certified.
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